“Honeys play me close like butter play toast” – The Notorious BIG, Juicy 1994

The Notorious BIG - Juicy, 1994, Bad Boy Records

Imagine the heat from freshly toasted bread slowly melting butter or honey smothering fingers and food due from its stickiness. Both are a perfect example of how BIG engaged with women while on tour. Honey, on the other hand, is another slang term for beautiful women; in this case, women are sweet and stick to the toast as well. This metaphor is also a euphemism for the slang term “sweating,” meaning someone is so close to a person, they get hot, and the person begins to perspire. His newfound success, has him catching the attention of beautiful women who are all over him similarly to how butter and honey melt on a piece of freshly toasted bread. The visual of melted butter is also a reference to the slang term ‘sweating’. The sudden adoration of beautiful women were markers of success for him. With the affection of beautiful women, Christopher Wallace finally made it.